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Fabulous Dog Hunt is heating up!!

28 Jun

Kingfisher Calendar Hunt is so pass`e! With the hunt for Most Fabulous Dogs of 2011 heating up, we are seeing the true DIVAS and hot HUNKS hidden inside these little fur balls.

Not everyone understood why your poochie wore a dress for the party or why your dog steps out in a tee for his evening walk. Its time people understand that a dog is not just a dog. He’s a member of the family, most loving, most loyal, and usually the most pampered. Every dog has a unique personality. All you need to see is a group of them interacting to realize that. Fun, playful, bossy, territorial, fighter, loner, fussy, friendly, and even flirty…’ll find them all.  And with the personality goes the style. You have to own a dog to realize how each one has a distinct style. And why not express that style? Dogs are the most expressive creatures alive, they are crazy happy when happy, hearbreakingly sad when sad, and head over heels in love at your first sight. So when it comes to living their life, why not make it the most expressive and absolutely fabulous?

With this contest, we set out to find such dogs who live their life king size and the owners who give them this lifestyle without any apologies for no one loves you like your dog does. And with only 2 days into the hunt, we are so excited to see all the entries so far, absolutely fantastic! From gorgeous Zea with a love for accessories, super chic Cherie who can’t be seen in public with even a hair out of place and Skittles our bohemian traveler, the competition already looks stiff! And not to leave the boys far behind are Leon, Rio, and Snoopy trying to win over people with their cuteness factor….whoever said chocolaty looks are out?

So what’s in store for us the next few weeks in this dogilicious war? Looks like a lot more exciting new entries and a chance to see more fabulous dogs! The game is still wide open and we can’t wait to see what happens next and who gets the coveted title of Woofilicious Fabulous Dog!!


Woofilicous Fabulous Dogs Contest

26 Jun

Its your chance to win a fabulous gift hamper worth Rs. 2500/- along with a chance to be featured on our website and make your dog a super star!! CONTEST IS NOW OPEN!! Visit Facebook page NOTES for rules!!

10 must haves for every fabulous dog

12 Jun

Top ten must have accessories that every fabulous dog needs to own! Read on to see the latest trends…..

Woofilicious toys from Puppia!

11 Jun


Plush and big it may be I still love thee…..O my bone.

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Puppia – World’s leading pet fashion label now in India!

4 Jun

With over 2000 upscale retailers across US, Europe, Asia, and Australia including luxury stores like Harrods in London, Puppia needs no introduction and is undoubtedly the world’s leading pet fashion label. Puppia’s signature products are their soft mesh harnesses, the best selling harness and the most preferred choice for short trachea dogs like Pugs, Bulldogs, Boxers, Bostons, and small toy dogs. With no pulling and no pressure and soft mesh designs, Puppia harnesses are comfortable, safe, and stylish. Read full story here

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