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Monday Pick Me Up!

12 Mar

Banish your monday morning blues with these cute puppy pics !!

Nothing cuter than a bunch of black little puglets!

I am!!

Me too!!

If you are not smiling yet….here’s the VADER himself!!

Now that your Monday sucks less…..get back to work people. You don’t get paid to see cute puppy pics 😉


Pug Head Tilt

20 Aug

This is an oldish video that I had come across on YouTube some time back but I absolutely love it to death! The 3 pugs are unbelievably cute doing the head tilt.

For those who have seen it, I know you wanna watch it again! And for those who are seeing this for the first time……enjoy! And all you fellow pug owners, don’t go crazy trying to get your brat to do it. Trust me we have tried it, and Monk, the spoiled Woofy Dog he is, just stares at us like he’s looking at loony bins spraining their necks tilting it everywhere so that he might follow…LOLZ

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