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Why your Pet must wear an ID Tag?

19 Apr


You find your dog munching on your slippers in the garden. You go inside to get his food and when you step out into the garden again, he’s not there. “Ah! His usual hide and seek game,” you think, and start searching for him inside the house, under the bed, inside the cupboard, in all his favourite hiding spots. But, he is nowhere to be seen. Just then you notice that the garden gate is open! You run around the streets calling out your doggie’s name and asking your neighbours if they have seen your little one around. Helpless, heart-broken and unable to find your dog after hours of desperate search, you retreat back into your home, and just hope that your pooch would be back soon.

Losing a beloved pet is every pet parent’s nightmare. Ensuring that your pet always wears an ID Tag on the collar is the single most important thing that you can do to keep him safe outside, and increase his chances of returning home, if he ever went missing! A 2011 research conducted by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals found that while 80 percent of pet owners believed that it is important for their pets to wear ID tags, only 33 percent of them had ID tags on their pets! The study adds that ID tags personalized with the owners’ contact details make it possible for people who find tagged strays to return the animals directly to their owners without involving a shelter or animal control agency to solve the problem. If your dog or cat does not have an ID Tag yet then it’s high time that you get him one.

You can find Dog/Cat ID Tags at many of the bigger pet stores. You can also buy them online on Woofilicious.com. Take a look at our collection of Pet Tags here. Each of these tags can be engraved(on both sides) with your dog’s name and your contact number. Just email us the information you want to be engraved on the tag while placing an order on the site and it will be delivered to your home!
Attaching an ID Tag to your pet’s collar is not enough. It’s also important to check the tag every couple of months to ensure that the information is valid and legible. Have you changed your phone number? Then it’s time to get your dog a new ID with a valid phone number. Dogs also lose tags more often than you think. So, it’s better to stock up on ID Tags and carry extra tags with you whenever you are travelling with your pooch!

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