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Tips on introducing your pooch to a new dog at home

12 Apr


As dog lovers we are often tempted to get home a new dog and share our lives with more than one four-legged friend. Getting home a new dog will no doubt make your life more fun and provide your current dog with companionship, especially if he/she ends up spending too much time alone at home. While some dogs are quite comfortable sharing the house with another dog, others are not very welcoming towards a new canine. As responsible pet parents we must be cautious while getting home a new dog and   provide our dog with time to get used to the change. Here are few tips to help you introduce your pet to a new dog:

  • Acquaint your pooch with the new dog before you decide on bringing him/her home. Make sure you introduce the two dogs on a neutral territory like a dog park, rather than a your home or yard. Keep them both on leashes and have one person handling each dog.
  • Observe how they interact with each other. Don’t force the interaction. Give them both time to come out of their comfort zones and prepare themselves to socialize with each other.
  • Your dogs’ body language will help you understand whether he/she likes the other dog. Playful behaviour with loose body movements and relaxed posture says that the two dogs get along well. Teeth-baring, growling, prolonged staring and other aggressive behaviour indicates that the two dogs are not quite comfortable in each other’s company. Don’t give up yet. Introduce the two again and see if there is any change in the behavior  Keep the interactions brief initially to avoid putting too much pressure on the dogs.
  • If things go smoothly between your dog and the new dog after those initial meetings outside the house, then you can consider bringing the new dog home. Your dog’s territorial instincts may cause him to act differently and less friendly towards the new canine So, make sure your keep a constant eye on the two to prevent them from getting into fights.
  • Before you bring home the new dog, remove bowls, toys, beds and anything that your dog might be possessive about. When the two dogs are just starting to form a relationship, it’s better to keep them away from things that might lead to rivalry and provoke fights. You can reintroduce the items after a couple of weeks, when the dogs have developed a good rapport. Until then provide each dog with his/her own bowl, bed and toys.
  • Do not confine the dogs together in small spaces, before they are completely comfortable with each other. Feed them in different areas and let them to sleep in different rooms.
  • While you make effort to make the new dog comfortable in your home, do not ignore the needs of your old dog. Keep his/her mealtime, bedtime, play and exercise routines the same as before, and make sure he/she does not feel unloved.
  • Be prepared for the responsibilities of having more than one dog at home. Make sure your shower each dog with your love and attention. It’s important that the two dogs bond with each other, but it’s equally important for them to bond with you. Do spend some time alone with each of them.

Image Courtesy: Diamondintheruff.com


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