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“The Artist” Uggie

17 Jan

Can a dog really act? Can he interpret scenes and show emotions on command? Not sure if a dog can really do that, but Uggie definitely steals the show!

Meet Uggie, the star of this year’s award winning movie “The Artist” and winner of the Palm Dog Award 2011 at the Cannes Film Festival. At Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards, all eyes were on this 9 year old Jack Russel Terrier as he trotted down the red carpet, posed for the shutterbugs, and stopped for interviews.

As his movie “The Artist” won 3 Golden Globes on Sunday, Uggie easily overshadowed all his co-stars and even the acceptance speech by producer Thomas Langmann as the whole crowd oohed and awww’d at his antics on stage. Looking very dapper in a black bow tie, Uggie even posed with the award. It definitely felt like he understood what all the hoopla was about and seemed to revel in his new found fame!

Having previously done quite a few movies and commercials, Uggie was already known for his roles in Mr. Fix It and Water for Elephants. But it was his remarkable performance and sheer aww factor in the silent movie “The Artist” that catapulted Uggie to the fame rarely known to the canine world.

Uggie even has a facebook¬† page called Consider Uggie started by an editor at Movieline as an unofficial awards campaign¬† for Uggie’s brilliant performance in “The Artist”. An honorary Oscar maybe?

(Top pictures: Uggie at the Golden Globes Awards, Last pic: A scene from the silent movie “The Artist”)

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