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My Dog’s Name

29 Feb

Update: Thank you all for sharing the beautiful stories behind your dog’s name! “Jhappi” you get to take away a special gift!!

My dog’s name is Monk. Pretty unusual people say and they ask…..is it like the Buddhist Monks? is it because he is very docile by nature? some have even asked (pretty sure jokingly!) if it’s because he’s taken a vow of celibacy. I just laugh off and say….nope nothing deep like that!

So here’s people to tell you, why Monk is called Monk!

He’s named after “Adrian Monk”…..yup the famous detective who I absolutely adore for his highly obsessive compulsive ways!

Those who know Mr. Monk know what I am talking about and for others….well its a detective show (you may catch its re-runs on Star World) where the star of the show Mr. Adrian Monk is an exceptionally gifted detective with a quirk….he suffers from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). I was such an ardent follower of the show (and to confess a bit obsessive compulsive myself) and loved the character of Adrian Monk so much that when the show ended….I decided well if I ever get a dog he’s going to be named MONK!

SO yes, years before this cute little love entered our lives….his name was decided. He was Monk from day one!….and it just suits him perfectly! I cannot imagine him having any other name….Milo, Fido, Jimmy, Jackie…..nope he’s a Monk alright.

Yes, a little unusual and unique, but so is he 🙂

What did you name your dog?  Share your dog’s name and the story behind it below (as comments). One of the stories will be selected to be featured on our blog and will also get a special gift from Woofilicious!

Paw Print Charmed Bracelets for Pet Lovers

14 Aug

Have you heard the saying “I carry my heart on my sleeve”? If no, then look it up and you’ll know it means someone who proudly embraces and professes his/her love in front of everyone. This charmed bracelet lets you do the same! ……..let’s you tell the world you have a special friend who’s love to you is unconditional and blind.

These exotic handmade bracelets are made from glimmering czech fire polished glass and are offset with pewter beads. A slight variance in the color of the beads gives these bracelets a fluid look. Each bracelet is finished with a pewter toggle and a cute pet lover charm with paw print! Some of the the charms say “Best Friend” with a paw print.

Brought to you exclusively by Woofilicious, these charmed pet lover bracelets are available in beautiful colors like aqua, amethyst, amber, sapphire, olive green, turquoise and more, and are for the true dog lovers!

These will be available on http://www.woofilicious.com at 799/- for a limited time.

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