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Monday Pick Me Up!

12 Mar

Banish your monday morning blues with these cute puppy pics !!

Nothing cuter than a bunch of black little puglets!

I am!!

Me too!!

If you are not smiling yet….here’s the VADER himself!!

Now that your Monday sucks less…..get back to work people. You don’t get paid to see cute puppy pics 😉


Caption It Crazy!

20 Jan

Contest Closed!

And the winning entry goes to Nigreats!!

Every week we’ll bring you a funny, weird, stupid, crazy pet pic….all you gotta do is caption it. The best caption that makes that picture absolutely hilarious wins a cool little gift for their pet!

SO without further adieu, here goes the first one….let your imagination run wild and give us the craziest caption as a comment below!

Funny Picture of the Day!

11 Aug

Funniest, wackiest, cutest…..we scour the net to give you our daily pick here!

Found this hilarious picture on

Can’t decide if the real pug’s confused expression is the winner or the fake pug # 4’s spooky look!

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